Clash II is a turn-based strategy (TBS) game based in its mechanics on the cult 1997 Polish game Clash, while inspired by elements of the Heroes of Might and Magic series. The action of the game is set in the fantastic continent of Karkhan, where there is a religious conflict between the invaders called the Pure Ones and the indigenous inhabitants of these lands the Old Ones. The game's plot takes place several years after the events of the first installment, when the Pure Ones remain the dominant force, introducing their faith and laws to more and more regions. The Old Believers, tired of and not understanding the new faith, decide to free themselves from the influence of an alien culture.

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The plot of Clash II is set in a dark world on a continent called Karkhan. For years, battles have been fought there between invaders bearing the signs of the One God, calling themselves the Pure Ones, and the people who have inhabited the continent's magic-laden lands for generations, contemptuously called the Innowiers.

Clash II offers players:

  • completely refreshed graphics, while retaining the iconic elements of its predecessor
  • two story campaigns - the Pure Ones and the Old Ones, in which we take on the role of commanders trying to tip the balance of victory to the side of their faith
  • advanced system of managing the city's economy based on the serfdom system
  • more than 50 units that we can incorporate into our army including magical units such as Golems, Ents, Griffins or Dragons
  • Hot seat mode that allows skirmishing with AI or with other players locally
  • Multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other players online
  • atmospheric and moving soundtrack by Adam Skorupa



Nature is like a girl. She is mysterious, beautiful and changeable. She gives life, but she can also take it away. Clad in the scent of flowers, in a delicate dress of leaves and grasses, she hides an interior as steadfast as a rock. She gives shelter. She gives respite. In return, it demands only respect. No wonder that the Old Believers, who are closely connected to nature, hold Whisperers in such high esteem, who in their tiny bodies combine the divine will with the strength of the earth. They advise the Old Believers in their toughest moments, like children looking for their mother's support. And like any mother, they are ready to do anything for their children.


"Among the whispers, one can hear that they were raised by bears. Someone mentions a wolf pack through cascading tears. But none of the living will think that they endured hardship, It was the whisperers who changed their nature through their guardianship. But remember, my unruly kin, Let it get under your skin A breeze might be considered as the norm Until it turns into a storm." A folk lullaby


The full name of the order is "The Order of the Infinite Mercy of The One." However, because of the widespread practice of self-flagellation among its members, they are usually called the Martyrs. The congregation was founded shortly after the downfall of the Brotherhood of the Wanderers, disbanded due to accusations of genocide after one of the first Karkhanian expeditions. The two orders share a surprising number of principles, masters, and members themselves. A few unfortunate accidents, however, have kept theories about the connections between the two orders from being heard again. Including the historians and magnates who preached them as well.


The Inquisitors should be spoken well of or not at all! But I was careful... I don't expect them here. So... This institution was established by the Holy One Ubaldo de Glamour to combat the growing power of the Clans and their sorcerers... the Mages. Over the centuries it has stood guard over the Community of The One, gaining more and more influence, importance and... authority. If the Martyrs are controversial, then in comparison to the Inquisition they are merely a laughable gossip. For how could such a fearsome colossus, wherever it sets foot, remain as pure as tears? For example, how did they resist the inhuman powers? Could it be that the old legends about the War of the Mages are just fairy tales? Or perhaps... Or perhaps they themselves benefit from these tales.


The times when monks lived a hermit-esque lifestyle are very distant. Nowadays they can be found in abbeys, of which there are many in Reich'arada itself, but also in Karkhanian monasteries, which can be found more and more often on the continent due to expanding missionary activities. Monks are considered messengers of the words of The One. In addition to praying and passing on divine teachings to the savage tribes, they also run the monastery's hospitals and infirmaries.


Halabardians that came from the Serai Prince's Academy, have gained new life with the rise of Serai's political and military power. The patronage bestowed upon the academy by generous but secretive patrons has allowed for the improvement of training and equipment, as well as the creation of a nearly elite unit of guardsmen.